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Welcome to the only jailbreak Wii step by step guide on the internet. You’ve decided to improve your Wii console so you can play FREE burned games from the internet, watch movies and do other cool stuff. I wanted to do this too and there was not much information I could find but I kept looking and researched until I found the easy software modding way.

Then I made this blog/guide so everyone can do it really fast because software modding is the most simple way to jailbreak your wii and it doesn’t require a chip or tools or opening the console and it’s 100% legal. You put some software on an SD card and transfer it to the wii. It’s pretty easy and everyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

What do you get from it: play downloaded and imported Wii games, you don’t void the warranty of the console, play games from other consoles (N64, GameCube, SNES, SEGA, PS1, etc), you can use it with any wii version, play DVDs, MP3 music and homebrew applications, etc.

That being said let’s get started on the guide. My name is Radu and below you will find out how to install some software on your Wii and jailbreak it in the next half hour or less without a chip!

Step-by-Step Guide To Jailbreak The Wii

Part 1 – Requirements

You will need:

An SD Card

SD card to softmod jailbreak wii

The SD cards are very common and you probably already have one in your phone or camera (or both). If not you need to get one of these cards because you need to transfer a little piece of software to the wii to softmod it. Note that you don’t need a 2 GB, it can be much smaller. It costs around $5 dollars or less I believe and you can find one in a lot of places (electronic store, computer store, cell phone store, etc).

DVD Discs

dvd disc for wii jailbreak and burned games

You will need blank DVDs for your burned games (you don’t need them now to jailbreak). It doesn’t matter which kind: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL. Make sure your computer has a DVD burner and you have a DVD-burning software. If you don’t download from Img Burn. It’s free and easy to use. Press the download button and choose a mirror. The price for a blank DVD is very low (less than 30 cents) but get more than one because you will have so many games at your disposal you’ll wish you bought more. You can buy them everywhere nowadays in all sorts of stores from electronics to supermarket stores.

Wii Unlocking Software to unlock

Wii Unlocking Software

This is the software that you need to jailbreak your wii with. After you download this software you will receive some files that you put on the SD Card. So make sure you are able to transfer data from your computer to the SD Card. Most laptops have built-in Card Reader, but if you don’t have one you can use an USB SD Card Reader or a camera/cell phone connected to the PC and then put the SD Card in the camera/cell phone (you probably already know how to transfer data but I have to make sure).

Where do you get the software: there are currently 3 websites that have this kind of software. The only difference is in the price so make you sure you get cheapest one because they like to change to price sometimes. You can choose from here:

Console Unlock (this is the one I used but it doesn’t really matter).

Wii Unlock Plus

Wii Unlocker (cheapest one currently)

A Nintendo Wii and a TV

the nintendo wii console ready for softmod

Of course you need a Wii and a TV for this… Just make sure you have an SD card and the jailbreaking software. Total cost: $30 to $40 dollars which is basically 1 or 2 wii games but after you finish this you will be able to download, burn and play all of the wii games for free. OK, now let’s see what you need to do next to jailbreak your wii (time remaining: 15 minutes).

Part 2 – Step by Step Instructions To Jailbreak Wii

Step 1 – Preparation

transfer files to SD Card for jailbreak

1. Get the software from one of the above links.

2. Unrar the content of the download to your computer.

3. If you can’t do this you might need to download the free WinRar Software first.

4. Format the SD Card: the SD card needs to be empty!

5. Copy the content of the unlocking software onto the SD Card.

Step 2 – Installation

load boot screen for homebrew channel

1. Insert the SD Card in the Wii and turn the console on.

2. Navigate to Wii Options –> Data Management –> Channels –> SD Card.

3. Now a pop-up will appear. Press “Yes” when it asks you to load “/boot.dol”.

4. Use the on-screen instructions to install dvdx and the Homebrew Channel.

Step 3 -The Homebrew Channel

the homebrew channel installed on the wii

You have installed the homebrew channel. This is the channel you will have to use when you’ll want to play burned games, movies,etc. But first you need to install an application to this channel and after that you can start downloading games and playing.

Step 4 – Installing the Backup Launcher

the Backup Launcher installed on the wii

1. Run the homebrew channel.

2. Click the cIOS_installer.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and then wait until the Wii reboots.

4. And now you’re done.

5. Put the DVD in the Wii when you want to play a burned game.

6. Launch “Backup Launcher” from the Homebrew Channel Menu.

7. Play and have fun.

Part 3 – Downloading & Burning Games To Your Wii

Downloading From Warez-BB

download wii burned games from warezbb

This is one of the ways to download Wii games. Join the forum (free) at Warez-BB and then search for the game you want to download. They use Rapid Share to download so if you’re a free Rapid Share user it might take more time to download. You could consider the option of getting a premium membership.

Downloading From Torrents

download wii burned games from utorrent

This is the simple way and sometimes even the faster way to download games. All you need is a free Bit Torrent program. I’ve been using for years uTorrent and it’s the best of it’s kind. Press the free download button and that’s it. If I remember well you don’t even have to install it. It just runs. After you install the torrent client you can go to these free torrent sites and type the name of the game(s) you want in the search bar (the are many other torrent sites of course):

wii iso torrents

mininova torrents

the pirate bay torrents etc.

Burning Wii Games to DVD

burning wii games to DVD with ImgBurn

After you download the .iso games you need to burn it to a DVD disc. As I said above you need that free program ImgBurn. So make sure you have that. Install ImgBurn and open it and then choose the .iso game you want to burn. Insert a blank DVD in your computer/laptop and wait for it to finish. And now you’re ready to play. Just put the DVD in the Wii and run the “Backup Launcher” from the homebrew channel as I said earlier.

The End

You have successfully jailbreak ed your wii! If you’re having trouble with my guide leave a comment or send an e-mail (see the Contact page). And if you liked this guide share it with your friends so they can get the most out of their wii console too and not spend money on mod chips. Thanks for visiting and have fun playing all those games available for your wii starting from now. PS: leave a comment and press the Like button if you enjoyed this.


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